Good domain name registration and web hosting companies – finally!

Buying a domain name Its a minefield that’s for sure. Most domain companies are either a rip off or are so cheap that if you ever have a problem you will go insane dealing with the cheapest support staff on the planet. Until now I have not seen any company that gets it right. Enter hover.com, they are very well…

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plugin spectacular WordCamp Sydney 2012

Plugin Spectacular presentation from WordCamp Sydney 2012

The whole plugin spectacular presentation from WordCamp Sydney 2012 by Tony Cosentino. What the hell are plugins? accessories to add to your vehicle php/javascript injection for dummies written by people smarter than me I have ADPHPD (Attention deficit php disorder) I also like wheels other people make, why re-invent them How to spot a good plugin Free plugins can be……

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wp plugin shopping cart

WP Plugin Shopping Cart

WordPress is one of the top choices available today for web owners to use as their website. This is due to its many attractions, including plugins and its numerous customizable features. Other than widgets, plugins extend the functionality of the website and increase its effectiveness. What is more, web owners can find many important plugins, such as the WP plugin…

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WP Table of contents

How to Create a WP Table of Contents the Easy Way

WP Table of Contents manually or with a plugin How to create a WP Table of contents manually When you have a WordPress blog or wp site, you might rely solely on the internal navigation links provided, such as “older posts” or “newer posts.” However, to create a content site that really engages your readers, construct a WP Table of Contents that…

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transferring a domain to crazydomains

How to transfer a domain name to Crazydomains.com.au

How to transfer a domain to crazydomains When you got your website did you register the domain name yourself? If you left it to the web developer you need to regain control as one day you may part ways and then it gets hard to sort out. It’s like buying a car and registering it in the car dealers name,…

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How to setup a WordPress website for under 30 dollars with your own web address

Intro Over the yearsI have had a lot of new website enquiries that I couldn’t build because the budget was almost zero. To those people I have passed on the following advice as an option that will cost less than $30 in total  to do. Now I would like to show you how to do it too. Get a domain…

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How to use the WordPress 3.0 menu system

Since WordPress 3.0 the new menu system added the new menu system I have been asked how it works a lot. Here is a short video to show how it works. Go to Left menu -> Appearance -> Menus Then follow along with this tutorial for how to use them.

5 Plugins in 5 minutes

This was a lightning (as in lightning fast) talk I gave at WordCamp Melbourne. In the prezi presentation below I show 5 of my favourite plugins at the moment. They can help you make your website that little bit more professional and streamline your work processes. The presentation was also recored on video but it is part of a longer…

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How to change user from subscriber to administrator in WordPress

Just a very quick video showing how to change the acces rights of a user that was created in error at the subscriber level which is the default setting in WordPress. This video demonstrates how to change the user access rights in WordPress from subscriber to administrator. Thank you Linda of www.msrelief.com for asking how to so this change as…

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How to add a slideshare presentation to WordPress.com