Good domain name registration and web hosting companies – finally!

Buying a domain name Its a minefield that’s for sure. Most domain companies are either a rip off or are so cheap that if you ever have a problem you will go insane dealing with the cheapest support staff on the planet. Until now I have not seen any company that gets it right. Enter hover.com, they are very well…

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How to install Hello Bar Solo the Developers version of Hello Bar

The hello bar has been a mini revolution since it hit the streets a short time ago. There are imitations of it out there now but I think its still one of the best tools you can use to increase interaction with your website visitors. Who is this post for? This post is specifically showing how to install and use…

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mindmap of how to analyse and plan for a new website

Mindmap of How to review and prepare to build a website

Using mindmapping tools to plan or review a website I use this mindmap whenever preparing to quote on rebuilding an existing website planning to build a new website from scratch the same elements must be accounted for It shows the main areas anyone thinking about a new website needs to think about and take notes on. Using a mindmap allows…

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