How setup Paypal to accept credit cards

Where to find that mysterious setting to allow people to buy from you without them needing to create a PayPal account. It is one of those things that drives me a little crazy as I can never remember of the top of my head where to change the setting. So for my benefit as much as yours I have laid…

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wp plugin shopping cart

WP Plugin Shopping Cart

WordPress is one of the top choices available today for web owners to use as their website. This is due to its many attractions, including plugins and its numerous customizable features. Other than widgets, plugins extend the functionality of the website and increase its effectiveness. What is more, web owners can find many important plugins, such as the WP plugin…

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WooCommerce plugin conflict

WooCommerce plugin conflicts

WooCommerce Plugin Conflicts WooCommerce seems to be the best eCommerce plugin these days so its important to know about things that can hamper its capabilities. It important when you get stuck to know about potential conflicts with plugins as part of your fault finding process. My goal is to continue to add to this post whenever I hear about a WooCommerce…

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Upgrade WP-e-Commerce Gold Cart

How to upgrade Gold Cart for WP E-Commerce

If you already have the Gold cart plugin installed with WP E-Commerce this shows you have to do an update. Update available notice in plugin area Locate Gold Cart API key First you need to know the API key before you can download the update. To get the API key go to Dashboard -> Store Upgrades   Then you will be able to see…

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wp e-commerce themes

WP-eCommerce for WordPress has friends with benefits

Here is a presentation I gave at a Sydney WordPress meetup about why the WP-eCommerce plugin is worth revisiting if you haven’t seen it for a few years. Items worth considering: – great looking pre-made themes using this plugin let you launch a shopping site very quickly. One example is this theme is a great example: Storefrontthemes theme called…

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9 Shopping carts

10 great WordPress shopping carts

Here are 10 WordPress shopping carts you can research when looking for an eCommerce solution for your website. A common question by newcomers to WordPress is can you do eCommerce or shopping carts with WordPress and the answer is a resounding yes you can. And to prove it I have listed a series of options available for you to go…

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