Bearded Roaster

How to setup a startup website

This example is a website I recently setup for one of my passions, coffee roasting called The Breaded Roaster at A simple explanation of the layout is: Left side: – Title and tagline – Image of me that has been manipulated with a few photo apps on the left. Right side: – Brief explanation of what its about which in…

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How to install Hello Bar Solo the Developers version of Hello Bar

The hello bar has been a mini revolution since it hit the streets a short time ago. There are imitations of it out there now but I think its still one of the best tools you can use to increase interaction with your website visitors. Who is this post for? This post is specifically showing how to install and use…

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how to setup backupbuddy stash

How to migrate a website the easy way using BackupBuddy Stash

The backupbuddy has long been used as a brilliant tool for transferring a website from one location to another. Now with the BackupBuddy Stash storage service it has made setting up a new website from a backup even easier and much faster than ever before. Previously you had to download a backup copy of a website, then re-upload it to…

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adding buffer icon

How to add a custom sharing service to Jetpack plugin

In this example I will show you how to add the bufferapp button for sharing posts with the jetpack sharing feature. Create / find an icon for the service that is a png file that is 16×16 pixels and upload to the website via media upload and use the link. Locate the sharing code The code you will need for…

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WP Table of contents

How to Create a WP Table of Contents the Easy Way

WP Table of Contents manually or with a plugin How to create a WP Table of contents manually When you have a WordPress blog or wp site, you might rely solely on the internal navigation links provided, such as “older posts” or “newer posts.” However, to create a content site that really engages your readers, construct a WP Table of Contents that…

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transferring a domain to crazydomains

How to transfer a domain name to

How to transfer a domain to crazydomains When you got your website did you register the domain name yourself? If you left it to the web developer you need to regain control as one day you may part ways and then it gets hard to sort out. It’s like buying a car and registering it in the car dealers name,…

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mindmap of how to analyse and plan for a new website

Mindmap of How to review and prepare to build a website

Using mindmapping tools to plan or review a website I use this mindmap whenever preparing to quote on rebuilding an existing website planning to build a new website from scratch the same elements must be accounted for It shows the main areas anyone thinking about a new website needs to think about and take notes on. Using a mindmap allows…

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How to setup a WordPress website for under 30 dollars with your own web address

Intro Over the yearsI have had a lot of new website enquiries that I couldn’t build because the budget was almost zero. To those people I have passed on the following advice as an option that will cost less than $30 in total  to do. Now I would like to show you how to do it too. Get a domain…

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searching for the_content in WordPress theme template

How to make WordPress 2011 theme use excerpts

Out of the box the current default theme after installing WordPress shows all of your posts in the long format. To change the theme to just show a short summary as per the screenshot below read on….   Go to the Dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor   Now edit the file called content.php by selecting it from selection on the…

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Upgrade WP-e-Commerce Gold Cart

How to upgrade Gold Cart for WP E-Commerce

If you already have the Gold cart plugin installed with WP E-Commerce this shows you have to do an update. Update available notice in plugin area Locate Gold Cart API key First you need to know the API key before you can download the update. To get the API key go to Dashboard -> Store Upgrades   Then you will be able to see…

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