Apple watch review by Tim Noonan

Excellent review of the Apple watch accessibility with Voiceover from a vision impaired perspective user. Tim Noonan from timnoonan.com.au has written and extensive blog post on the subject of Apple watch accessibility with voiceover. Voiceover is the apple screen reader tool that reads out aloud what is on the screen. Tim Noonan is based in Sydney and has been working…

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mediatemple email setup

Mediatemple makes mail setup simple

Mediatemples’s new email client setup tool system take the agony out of setting up your email software when you get new web hosting. Use this link to set up your email client: http://mediatemple.net/help/mail/mailconfig/   After adding your email address its simple a matter of selecting your email client to install the settings.  

9 Shopping carts

10 great WordPress shopping carts

Here are 10 WordPress shopping carts you can research when looking for an eCommerce solution for your website. A common question by newcomers to WordPress is can you do eCommerce or shopping carts with WordPress and the answer is a resounding yes you can. And to prove it I have listed a series of options available for you to go…

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Why use mediatemple for webhosting

Why use mediatemple.net webhosting?

Which webhosting should I use for my WordPress website? A common question asked via twitter and directly from my clientsI get asked this question all of the time. So here is why I recommend, demand, suggest, beg anyone I talk to to use mediatemple.net   I use specifically the Grid service which can have up to 100 websites on the…

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TEGA Tablet outshines iPad

Interesting facts I am a huge Mac fanboy and have converted a few people to using macs in the past and still love my MacbookPro. This Windows based device has opened my mind to a Wondows device again. I use and love my iPhone too. The Occasion I had arranged for Hugo Ortega to come and demonstrate the iPad to…

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