how to fix timthumb security flaw

How to fix Timthumb security issue

You may have heard about a security issue with a very popular file called timthumb.php used by many themes and a few plugins I might add to dynamically resize images on the fly. A post about it is here – It sounds scary but is quite easy to fix if you follow the steps in the solution section below….

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How to remove WordPress hack that makes posts divert to malware sites

I just helped a friend remove this hack from their website. It is not too bad as long as you stay calm and work through it slowly. Systems affected: Windows PC and using Google Chrome or IE Internet Explorer Symptoms: Home page looks normal but when the posts are clicked the post briefly is displayed and then the browser diverts…

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WordPress Login protection from brute force attacks

Your WordPress login page is open to abuse Most users of WordPress don’t give a second thought to this fact and until the day comes when a website has been hacked into and goes offline but most WordPress websites have a major security weakness by default. 2 facts you might not have considered by default the same username ‘admin’ is…

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