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Calling for guests to appear on a radio show about web based tools for small business

eagle waves radio


I am putting together a live broadcasting radio show about all things web based for small business. Will be a broad range of subjects like

  • CMS platforms – eg WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
  • Online newsletters – eg Mailchimp
  • Online accounting tools – eg
  • any tools that are used with the web
  • any tools that are web based

The show will be broadcasting from Eagle Waves Radio station. A small business radio station based in Sydney but broadcasts worldwide using internet radio technology (get those details via the website)

It’s in the very early planning stages, so I am just collecting the details of people who would like to appear on the show.

Its recorded and broadcast in a studio on Sydney CBD so at this stage you will need to come to the studio to appear on the show.

In the future I plan to have guest connect via the web but initially it will probably all be face to face.

Kind regards,

Tony Cosentino

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