How to setup a WordPress website for under 30 dollars with your own web address

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Over the yearsI have had a lot of new website enquiries that I couldn’t build because the budget was almost zero. To those people I have passed on the following advice as an option that will cost less than $30 in total  to do. Now I would like to show you how to do it too.

Get a domain name

Ok this will cost you money but not much, about $8-15/year.

Anywhere in the world: is a very good hosting company with high ethics and a far less push approach than other domain hosting companies. FYI the parent company is TUCOWS Inc 

Australian residents: I suggest using if you live in Australia

(Happy to add other good domain companies for Europe etc if you would like to tell me via the comments area).

WARNING: do not get any additional extras during this process, they will try and sell you upgrades and web hosting, don’t buy any of them just get the domain name.

Create a ‘blog’ on WordPress.

You need to create an account with which is free if you use their web address eg


Select the free address option


Divert you real web address to the site

This is done by paying $13/year to to allow you to use your own domain name.

Its called domain mapping and there is a full page of information and links about that process here. Domain mapping on

Then some settings need to be changed where you purchased your web address. Either Crazy Domains or godaddy as I suggested earlier. The nameservers need to setup as follows.


How to update nameservers from

How to update nameservers on

Enter the web address into you account

Once the namerserver settings have taken effect (can take up to 48 hours) you can now add your real web address to the

adding you domain name to site



If you want to send and receive email using your web address you will need to setup a free google apps account and update some settings in your account.

This is a great option because if/when you move you website to its own web hosting down the track google apps will continue to handle your email and there will be no dramas with moving email hosting around.

The setup process is explained really well here

Most of the instructions are about setting up a free google apps account which you will need to follow closely.

Link for free google apps account:

Once done you will still need to update some settings on your account. Here they are which are step 8 and 9 of the instructions from the email setup link.

Now get going

Now you can select a simple theme add some content pages etc and start using your website as a powerful online tool.


If you have any further questions, thoughts, suggestions please leave a comment below and I will answer them as best I can and add them to the post if they will help others to get started faster.

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  1. Hi i have a question

    I purchased a domain few days ago.
    And i maping my DNS at crazydomains to WordPress last night

    I changed DNS server from crazydomains to wordpress

    I received email from crazydomains that my name servers were updated.
    But when i type in my website is still directed to crazy domains it says

    Domain name is registered and parked with Crazy Domains.”

    Any help please,


    • Hi, when you change nameserver settings it can take up to 24 hours to take effect. I just had a look and the website’s live from my computer. You may need to clear your browser cache also to see the website as they have a habit of holding the old nameserver settings.

      All the best with your new website too, looks interesting.
      Kind regards,

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