How to upgrade Gold Cart for WP E-Commerce

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If you already have the Gold cart plugin installed with WP E-Commerce this shows you have to do an update.

Update available notice in plugin area

update notice WP e-Commerce Gold Cart plugin

Locate Gold Cart API key

First you need to know the API key before you can download the update. To get the API key go to Dashboard -> Store Upgrades


Then you will be able to see the API key. You can use the API key for the next step.

WP e-Commerce Gold cart - Store Upgrades - API Key

Go to to Premium Upgrades link to enter API Key and download the update

This is the link to get update from

Premium Upgrades Files - Gold Cart API Key

Download zip file once API Key is verified

Deactivate Gold Cart plugin

deactivate WP e-Commerce Gold cart plugin

Delete Gold Cart for WP e-Commerce

Delete Gold Cart for WP e-Commerce

Install updated version of WP e-Commerce Gold Cart

Install WP e-Commerce Gold Cart


Activate Plugin

WP e-Commerce Gold Cart plugin activate

Plugin activated message

WordPress plugin activated

Check Gold Cart has really been re-activated

Dashboard -> StoreUpgrades

WP e-Commerce Gold Cart activated

Enjoy – comments welcome

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  1. No matter what I do I cannot get the red “x” under dashboard store upgrade to go away after entering my user name and API. Gold Cart says activated under plugins but at dashboard store upgrade Gold Cart continues to say “The gold cart is currently deactivated.”

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for this post. It’s hard to believe, but nowhere in GetShopped’s documentation does it have a clear, easy to follow upgrade guide like this one. Thanks again, you’ve saved the day 🙂

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