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SEO tips and tools for WordPress

Watch this space A collection of SEO tools and tips I plan to continue to add to as I find more information. The Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors Great tool to explain to clients in a visual manner the factor affecting SEO for websites.      ...

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10 great WordPress shopping carts

Here are 10 WordPress shopping carts you can research when looking for an eCommerce solution for your website. A common question by newcomers to WordPress is can you do eCommerce or shopping carts with WordPress and the answer is a resounding yes you can. And to prove...

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5 Plugins in 5 minutes

This was a lightning (as in lightning fast) talk I gave at WordCamp Melbourne. In the prezi presentation below I show 5 of my favourite plugins at the moment. They can help you make your website that little bit more professional and streamline your work processes. The...

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WordCamp Melbourne 26-27 Feb 2011

Who needs to go? If you are new to WordPress and live in the Melbourne area you need to go to WordCamp Melbourne. If you are a WordPress developer and need to learn more skills and meet other developers you need to get on a plane if you have to and go to this event....

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WordPress for Business

Presentation for Small Biz September at the City Hotel, Sydney Australia WordPress for Business on Prezi A bonus gift for you: WordPress for Business Links Video by Sean the Networking Coach which is a summary of the...

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My twitter numbers are brilliant! Why?

What happened As I was checking the stats of my twitter profile @thewordpressguy with (a great tool for checking your progress on twitter) I noticed a fantastic trend had emerged 63 more followers in 14 days, brilliant! Now for some that may...

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How to tell Google which address to use for SEO

Register with Webmastertools first which is another post altogether. Once you have a verified account go to: Site configuration -> Setting -> then select either with or without the www. Then google will treat both options as...

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TEGA Tablet outshines iPad

Interesting facts I am a huge Mac fanboy and have converted a few people to using macs in the past and still love my MacbookPro. This Windows based device has opened my mind to a Wondows device again. I use and love my iPhone too. The Occasion I had arranged for Hugo...

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