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Thesis theme tips

Papypal buttons are displayed incorrectly and are too large By default when adding paypal buttons, ie buy now, add to cart, donate to a Thesis theme look oversized and plain ugly. To bring them back to the correct size simply add the following line of code the the...

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What to do when blog posts reach double figures

Blogging Platform: WordPress When you have created a lot of great posts it becomes difficult for your readers to be able to find them easily The strategy I believe to help this situation without changing the look of your current blog area - Install the plugin WP...

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WordPress plugins that I find useful

Extensive WordPress plugins listing for business websites. If you are in business and want to get the most from WordPress revue this list. I have tried and tested these plugins and if I find a better plugin I will update this list regularly. Bookmark this page as a...

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Setup a wordpress website

Install wordpress Wordpress needs to be installed via your website hosting company control panel Ensure CGI is enabled this one piece in the puzzle can stop it from working Theme For this example I will be talking about one theme only called 'painter' which I have...

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