Why use mediatemple.net webhosting?

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Which webhosting should I use for my WordPress website? media temple grid serviceA common question asked via twitter and directly from my clientsI get asked this question all of the time. So here is why I recommend, demand, suggest, beg anyone I talk to to use mediatemple.net   I use specifically the Grid service which can have up to 100 websites on the same plan and is built to take traffic spikes. Here is the direct link to the grid service hosting I use http://mediatemple.net/webhosting/gs/

They have REAL tech support 24/7 365 days per year.

By that I mean when I have called at 11PM on new years eve I can still get someone who actually know how to fix a technical issue. Most other companies I have dealt with have a phone operator with less knowledge than me about WordPress and web servers and after wasting 15mins of my time types up an email and send it to the real tech support who only work business hours and take days to respond and rarely get the issue fixed in one email.   3. Global phone numbers to call. These guys are based in California but still provide Australian phone numbers to call for support. Here the link to that page: http://mediatemple.net/company/contact.php eg: Sydney 02 801 49326


mediattemple contact information

Built with server settings that are correctly setup for WordPress

As wordPress.or says:

the vast majority of which meet the WordPress minimum requirements,

The problem is that’s not enough.   I constantly see WordPress sites on other web hosting that:

  • get installed and then won’t upgrade with one click
  • have issues after adding a handful of plugins
  • constantly ask for ftp passwords for every plugin install

That’s not how it’s supposed to work, it should be effortless to do these things. It is effortless on mediatemple hosting.

4. Professional user interface

The interface is well structured and is very well laid out and works well. You can do things easily like change a DNS zone file to set up a google apps email from example. Often a painful task in regular hosting companies.   mediatemple account center Most hosting companies use the

It’s NOT $9.95/year for webhosting

It’s $USD20/month or $USD200 per year. I get very concerned when a client tells me they are paying less than $10 per month for web hosting.   If web hosting is less than $10/month:

  • they could be sharing the same server as a LOT of other websites. This means that during peak times your website will be slower or even crash completely when you need it the most.
  • higher probability of being on the same server as a spam site that will eventually get the server blacklisted. Which can effect emails not being received and a host of other nasty side effects.
  • the tech support will be run on a shoestring and annoying at best

If they get knocked down they get back up again quickly and learn from it.

Most hosting companies get attacked at some point. Mediatemple got attacked some time ago and there was some code added to the WordPress databases including mine. Their engineers worked around the clock to advise how to remove the code and even cleaned out any sites that hadn’t done so over the course of a few weeks after the attack.   I do not know of any of my clients who have any issues since that attack and all are running well since it was sorted out.

Over to you

If anyone wants to ask any questions about mediatemple web hosting  respond to comments or emails on the subject. I use it all the time with my websites and my clients websites so I may be able to help you out.

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  1. Thanks for this, very much appreciated. A couple questions:

    You say that paying less than $20/mth means you will be hosted on servers with many other sites. Isn’t this exactly the case with the GS?

    Also, one of the concerns I have read about MT is that their email does have problems getting through precisely because their services are associated with Spam?

    How often do you experience downtime? I am currently with Heart Internet in UK and downtime is exceptionally rare. Perhaps twice in 18 months. On each occasion they responded within literally two minutes and the problem was resolved with site back to normal in 15 minutes. When I hear people regularly talking about MT downtome therefore, it scares me.

    A big question I have is the capacity of the GS. MT themselves won’t commit on this (and I understand why) but I’m desperately looking for someone who will give a human response: I’m okay with the storage limit, but can 1TB bandwidth and the 1,000 GPUs really handle multiple sites without going over the limit regularly, let alone the advertised 100 sites?

    Thanks…would really appreciate your responses. Take care…Andrew

    • Hi Andrew,
      Interesting questions and as I don't work for MT I will answer from my own perspective which may or may not be correct.

      Regarding sharing servers with many other sites: Mediatemple actually allocates a set amount of storage for each account so there are very defined amounts of space for each account as apposed the the 'all you can eat' hosting from other companies with no set amount of space per user. Also the whole point of grid servers is that under load they bring more servers online to deal with extra load. So the idea of overloaded servers doesn't fit with this argument.

      Regarding downtime, there is maybe 30mins during scheduled maintenance periods every 3-6 months which I appreciate as at least they do regular work on the server rather than pushing them until they fall over in a big way.

      Regarding your 'big question' the bandwidth and GPU cycles are more than enough for a large number of sites to run on one account. I will say that if you are providing thousands of large media file downloads per day (ie 50-100MB each) for a video tutorial site for example without hosting the content off site you will run out of GPU cylcles. I know of one case when I had to relocate a client to the Virtual Private server hosting for that reason as there are more GPU cycles with that option. Bottom line is that if you expect 100 large volume websites to run on $20/month you are not spending enough on infrastructure.

      After having a bit of a sniff around about your Heart Internet they seems to provide decent support. Their webpage doesn't inspire me with it's tacky style. The unlimited hosting option is also an example of 'all you can eat' that even more outlandish than 100 websites isn't it?

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your experience and asking questions I appreciate it.

      Kind regards,

  2. Interesting post Tony.

    Does mt provide one-click setup of MX records for Google Apps when you add a domain? The reason I ask is that I'm thinking of moving my sites over from Dreamhost, but one of the things I like about DH is the option to simply tick a checkbox when adding a domain and it automatically adds all the necessary MX and CNAME records for Google Apps for that domain.

    Thanks, Andrew

  3. Hi Andrew(2),
    Nope you have to edit the mx settings manually. It's very straight forward via the 'Edit DNS zone file' which you can see on the bottom right in the screenshot I tool of the management console page. It can be done in advance of changing the namerservers over too so it can be seemless when relocating hosting.

    What interest me is why you are thinking of leaving Dreamhost?

    Thanks for your comment, always appreciated.

    Kind regards,

  4. Hi Tony,
    I've just moved a bunch of sites off a well known US based host to bring them closer to home (AU, like yourself); and the speed improvements (even w/o caching) have been noticeable to say the least ("Yay! The admin page refreshes in under 3 seconds!"). I'm interested to know if you notice any differences between sites hosted here in Aus and those you have at MediaTemple?

    • Hi Dan,
      Thanks for commenting I appreciate hearing from people who read my posts and take the time to do so.

      Firstly the page load speed is only one factor in assessing good web hosting in my opinion. Perfect integration with WordPress is of more importance to me and my clients who don't need to pay me to do manual upgrades etc.

      Secondly I don't purely serve my website content to Australia I have a global audience so I prefer to deliver it from the hub of the internet. I'm sure one of my online students based in Germany get faster page loads via the US than Australia.

      Finally, these days CDN (Content Delivery Networking) hosting using Australian hosting is not relevant. With CDN the servers used to deliver your website change depending on their location in the world. This option is available from media temple.net and if I was concerned about local servers that is what I would use.

      Thanks again for commenting.
      Kind regards

      • Hey Tony,
        Thanks for your detailed reply, that's great! I'm pretty sure you have a wider audience than me, but I think I'll have to look more closely at MT when the next round of renewals are due.


        • Hi Dan,
          No problem at all. It's good to discuss the options. Mediatemple has just been so solid for me personally and as a developer with a many clients hosting to deal with. It has made my process less complicated through consistent WordPress stability and a great interface.
          Certainly worth looking at next time, all the best with your business this year and beyond too!
          Kind regards

  5. First, sorry for my english and sorry if i'm comenting on an old post. I have some small questions that may get me into Media Temple.

    I have been using WordPress for a long time, and i used to use the combo Hostgator + CloudFlare, but hosgator "kicked me out" somedays ago because i was sharing files and they was taking too much bandwitch. My question is: Will Media Temple handle it better? The files i'm talking about are around 5~10mb, and aren't downloaded sooooo much (as i offer MediaFire/Megaupload as mirrors to each file too).

    Another question is about CloudFlare itself. Hostgator have a integration with CloudFlare, where i can set up any website there using cPanel. CloudFlare and Media Temple sadly aren't hosting partners… but does it work well with it?

    And what about W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress? Does Media Temple and it works ok? What options for catching are enabled with Media Temple? (with Hostgator i used to only have "Disk Enhanced").

    Thanks for your time!

    • Hi Julian,
      Thanks for your question,

      Firstly you regarding the CloudFlare service, it does look quite impressive as a concept and I am interested in your experience as a user. I would be a little reluctant to add an extra point of failure to a website as you are now relying on webhosting and CloudFlare to be online to deliver your website. Also adding yet another company to talk to regarding each website sounds like hard work too.
      From what I could see in their help section mediatemple is mentioned so it seems it would be fine. http://support.cloudflare.com/kb/can-i-use-cloudf

      They also recommend installing the CloudFlare plugin for optimal performance. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/cloudflare/

      If you are 'sharing files' that are not your own any hosting company will exercise their right to kick you off their service as they are meant to when they become aware of such activity going on. High amounts of downloads will usually get checked out as they also don't want to overload their server processors if they can help it.

      W3 total cache works fine to my knowledge with Mediatemple.

      All the best with your challenges and I hope that helps a little.

      Kind regards,

      • I have been using CloudFlare more or less since the day it came out lol
        It's prety impressive tbh. CloudFlare + W3 Total Cache got me A rank on YSlow + Google Speed. That and a few more stuffs, but yeah. Glad to know it works great on Media Temple.

        And about the files, they are actualy mines (songs i wrote/recorded), but they got downloaded a lot and Hostgator kicked me off. They offered me to upgrade ofc, but i had no money for it, sadly. I just wanna know if Media Temple would handle it.

        • Hi Julian,

          Well that is a shame even though you were sharing songs you had written and recorded yourself you were kicked off the other hosting.
          I think in this scenario you should consider hosting the music files on dropbox or amazonS3 and link to them via your website when people want to download them. You can still stream the files from dropbox or AmazonS3. I would suggest a plugin like audio player to do that. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/audio-player/

          All the best with it and let me know how you go.

  6. Great blog! Thanks for all of your insights.

    I have two questions and I wonder if you could give me some advice.

    1) I am considering using media temple due to their advertised ability to handle traffic spikes. I want to use WordPress more for its CMS abilities than for its blog features. More precisely I plan on using a membership plugin along with an events manager plugin to allow members to register for one of a couple of hundred events which we host across the country from April to October. A busy day for us might be a few hundred visitors logging in, looking for an event, reading the details and registering by completing several forms and receiving a confirmation email. So we're looking at a few dozen page views and some simple server-side processing (updating/viewing db info, notification email) per visitor.

    Can the grid handle this? Not looking to host a 100 sites. If the grid could handle just this one, that would be great. If it could handle more than this then putting up a few smaller sites in addition would be awesome.

    2) While my app will need to send members confirmation emails, I was thinking about using Google Apps for Email for the email needs of the site staff (e.g. answer inquiries, etc.). Would off-loading staff email to Google boost performanace for my grid or would it have no impact?

    Thanks for any input!

    • Hi Geoff,

      Firstly thank you so much for taking the time to comment and I am so pleased you find my insights useful.

      Regarding the capabilities of mediatemple I don't speak for them but I can tell you I know personally of at least 2 sites that have around 5000 visitors per day, day in day out on a Media Temple grid service account. And that was before Cloudflare was added as a FREE addon service to Media Temple hosting. For more information read this http://mediatemple.net/cloudflare/

      Regarding using google apps, you don't need to if it just to reduce load on the hosting but I highly recommend using google apps for long term simplicity. I have used it myself for a few years now and its brilliant.

      My rule of thumb is keep your Domain, Website and Email hosting on independent platforms. Then if an issue arises on one you can make changes on the other to fix the issue quickly.

      I hope that helps and all the best with your project and all of those events you are running from April until October.

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