Sydney Social Media Workshops

Stewart Dawes and Tony Cosentino Social Media trainers

Social media for business workshop 14 August 2012

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Discover How to Use Social Media Effectively For Your Business!

(small group numbers to allow time to ask YOUR questions) 

– You and Your Global Brand – Optimising your Facebook Personal Profile
– Deciding on your Privacy Settings
– Branding Yourself on Facebook – key elements for standing out and the importance of consistency
– Integrating Facebook with your Social Media strategy
– Creating a Plan for you and your business
– How to create and grow a Facebook Business Page
– How to use and make the most of Facebook Timeline
– Integrating facebook with your website or blog
– Connecting with industry Profiles & Pages
– Removing unwanted tags and Spam from your wall
– Abiding to Facebooks terms of use – don’t get shut down by being a spammer
– Transcending ‘Critical Mass’ – proof that having 2000 followers or less on Twitter is a joke
– How to get 10 Minutes on Twitter done Every Day so you’re never off the pace
– The Best Ways to Use Twitter On Your Smartphone
– How to Best Use Twitter in Harmony with Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest and Your Website
– How Even Small Businesses can Outsource to a highly professional Social Media Manager
– What Not To Do on Twitter – and What You Should Always Do
– Building a staff army of Tweeters
– The Fastest ways to organically grow an Authentic and Targeted Audience
– Using twitter for PR purposes
– Why WordPress is fantastic with social media
– Hottest tips for facebook and WordPress
– Hottest tips for twitter and WordPress
– Tools to increase conversion by up to 4 times your current results
Linked in
– Why it’s relevant
– How make your profile work for you rather than against you
– How to engage with the right people
Essential Social Media Principles
– Attraction Marketing – Push VS Pull Media
– Your Company’s Social Media policy – Do you even have one?
– Etiquette – Leave your inner Psycho in the Closet!
– Influence out vs Influence in
– Benefits to creating Community
– International is now Local – Globalise your Brand
Plus Current Trend Discussions on
– Pinterest
– LinkedIn
– Google+
– Instagram
– YouTube
– SEO (search engine optimisation)
– Branch Out
– Blogging
– Mobile Applications
– Animated Banners
– Online Design
– Outsourcing

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.” Erik Qualman

What to Bring:
Please bring your laptop, iPad, tablet or smartphone to the workshop, so you can roll up your sleeves and get started!
A light lunch and refreshments will be provided.